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Founded in 1997, Expo Egypt has started off as a distributor for high-quality hotel minibars. Shortly thereafter, the company expanded its business to include the sale of electronic safes, hairdryers, door locks and hand dryers. In 2004, the company was able to grow further, thanks to the perception and commitment of its founders, starting its line of Personal Protective Equipment.

Since 2004, the name Expo Egypt has been synonymous with superior quality as well as exceptional customer care. Through strong ties of mutual trust that have been nurtured between our company and its customers, we have succeeded in earning their loyalty and advocacy, which are the essence our company thrives on.

The main focus of our activities is on the safety of people. We offer them outstanding 
products, solutions and services. In this spirit, our brand promise “Building On Safety” strives
for raising people awareness while maintaining maximum safety at work environment.

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