Head protection:

Expo Egypt provides a comprehensive offering of Head Protection. This includes Industrial Helmets, Electrical Helmets, Fall Helmets, and Bump Caps.

Eye and Face Protection:

As Bolle Safety distributor, Expo Egypt provides the full range of eye and face protective items. Starting from Protective Glasses, Goggles, Faceshields, and Welding Faceshields.

Hearing Protection:

Ears are highly sensitive to loud noise, and prolonged exposure could lead to permanent hearing loss. Partnering with Moldex Europe; we provide you with a wide range of hearing protection options to help you keep your workers protected from loud work environments, while efficiently performing their daily tasks.

Respiratory Protection:

Through our partnership with Moldex Europe, we proudly offer you excellent reliable respiratory protection solutions, ensuring your workers' safety in hazardous environments.

Protective Clothing :

Workwear should be functional, comfortable, durable and above all provide your workers with the needed protection. We provide the latest technological Diadora Utility workwear products suitable for different climates and applications; ranging from lightweight vests to warm winter jackets

Hand and Arm protection:

Through our partnership with ATG, we are able to provide you with highly innovative durable gloves, each developed to enhance the performance of a specific application. We promise you comfort, durability and hand-care.

Foot Protection:

Many jobs can harm your feet. Partnering with Diadora Utility we offer you technological shoes, which guarantees durability, safety, and comfort throughout the workday. You can choose from our wide selection of footwear based on your industry, profession, and taste.

Fall Protection: