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EN 16350:2014 - Protective Gloves – Electrostatic Properties

  • In an ATEX zone (environment with an explosive atmosphere), a spark caused by the discharge of static electricity from an object can create an explosion. Therefore, working gloves needs to be designed in order not to accumulate static electricity. This standard concerns requirements for gloves in ATEX zones.
    The standard provides additional requirements for protective gloves that are worn in flammable or explosive areas.
    The vertical resistance (the resistance through a material) of the glove is performed and measured through test standard EN 1149-2 and each measurement shall be lower than the requirement of 1,0x108Ω

  • Note that the electrostatic dissipative protective gloves are effective only if the wearer is earthed through a resistance lower than 108Ω
    The glove wearer must therefore wear adequate clothing and shoes in order to be permanently earthed to not be able to discharge static electricity during movements.

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