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EN 12492- Protection against Fall Helmets for mountaineers

The requirements for helmets according to EN 12492 are: If a helmet is certified according to EN 12492, it must protect its wearer from the dangers of mountaineering.

The following requirements must be met if helmets are certified according to EN 12492:

  • They must be shock-absorbing vertically, frontally, laterally and dorsally.
    For this purpose, on the one hand an impact body is dropped vertically from above, and on the other hand a flat steel plate is dropped obliquely from above (front, side, rear) onto the helmet from a defined distance.

  • A certain penetration resistance must be ensured.

  • They need a supporting system, which means a chin strap which releases at min. 500 N, has a max. elongation of 25 mm and ensures that the helmet does not slide off the head.

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