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EN 14052- Protection from falling objects - High Performance Industrial Safety Helmets

If a helmet complies with the requirements of EN 14052, it must offer the wearer protection against falling objects and lateral impact – and protect him from the resulting injuries such as brain injuries, skull fractures or neck damage.

In order to be certified as a high performance industrial helmet according to EN 14052,

The following requirements apply to the helmet:

  • They must have vertical and lateral shock absorption. (Tested against a higher impact than EN397)

  • The helmets must also have a certain penetration resistance vertically and laterally.

  • The chinstrap loosens at min. 150 N and max. 250 N and must ensure that the helmet does not come off the head during the shock absorption and penetration test.

  • They must be flame-resistant.

A helmet certified in accordance with EN 14052 may meet the following requirements; they are, however, not mandatory requirements.

  • Very High Temperature: +150c

  • Low Temperature: -30c

  • MM: Splashes of Molten Metal

  • Electrical Voltage up to 440v a.c.

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