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EN 397-  Protection from falling objects - Industrial Safety Helmets

Industrial safety helmets according to EN 397 are primarily intended to protect the wearer from falling objects and their consequences – e.g. from brain injuries or skull fractures. The helmet must also be protected against lateral deformation. This should additionally protect the wearer from dangerous head injuries.

The following requirements must be met if helmets are certified according to EN 397:

  • Vertical shock absorption must be provided.

  • They must have a certain penetration resistance to sharp and pointed objects.

  • A chinstrap is required which triggers at a minimum of 150 N and a maximum of 250 N – or a possibility for mounting a corresponding chinstrap.

  • They must be flame-resistant.

A helmet certified in accordance with EN 397 may meet the following requirements; they are, however, not mandatory requirements.

  • Very High Temperature: +150c

  • Low Temperature: -30c

  • MM: Splashes of Molten Metal

  • LD: Lateral Deformation

  • Electrical Voltage up to 440v a.c.

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