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EN 50365- Protection against low voltage - Insulating helmets

'Where helmets are intended to be used in environments where there is the potential for contact with high voltage electrical potential (up to 1000Vac or 1500Vdc), helmets need to be tested for electrical insulation using EN 50365. This standard exceeds the requirements of the optional electrical resistance tests in EN 397 & EN 812​

Protection against electric shocks and prevention of dangerous electric current passing through the head requirements:

  • They must also meet the requirements in accordance with EN 397, EN14052 or EN12492.

  • Protection against alternating voltage of up to 1000 V (AC) or direct voltage up to 1500 V (DC)

  • Insulating helmets must not contain any conductive parts.

  • Air vents (if available) must not allow any accidental contact with live parts.

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