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EN 511:2006 - Protective Gloves Against Cold


In cold environments, it is extra important to protect the hands from cold burns. This standard measures how well the glove can withstand both convective cold and contact cold. In addition, water permeation is tested after 30 minutes.



  • Protection Against Convective Cold

  • Protection Against Contact Cold

  • Protection Against Water Penetration

  • The first figure shows how well the glove protects against convective cold (performance level 0-4)

  • The second figure shows how well the glove protects against contact cold (performance level 0-4)

  • The third figure shows the glove protection against water penetration (performance 0 or 1 where 0 indicates “water penetration after 30 minutes” and 1 indicates “no water penetration after 30 minutes”)

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