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Kratos Safety Forked Energy Absorbing Twisted Rope Lanyard and Connectors FA5010117 and FA5020755, FA3020015 Energy Absorbing Lanyard

Forked energy absorbing twisted rope lanyard length 1.50 mtr with 1 steel screw-locking karabiner and 2 steel scaffold hooks at the ends


  • Length: 1.5 m

  • Working Weight: 100 Kg

  • Standards:  EN 355

  • Material of Lanyard: 12 mm diam polyamide twisted rope lanyard

  • Width of The Energy Absorber: 45 mm

  • Connectors: 1 steel screw-locking karabiner at one end and 2 steel scaffold hooks at the other ends.

  • Material of Absorber/ Connectors: polyester and polyamide / Steel

  • Energy absorbing fork lanyard tested on three points.

  • Product weight: 1.80 KG

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