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Martor Secumax Plasticut 469 Safety Cutter

The SECUMAX PLASTICUT is different from the other products in our range but only in the detail. Thanks to the generous gap between blade and plastic, the safety knife copes with, for example, film and paper in multiple layers. Due to its width of 3 mm, cutting curves and cutting in tight spaces is also possible.


  • It's all protected

  • Pointed nose for piercing

  • Disposable

  • Equipped with an eyelet to be kept in an easy-to-find place

Technical features:

Maximum Safety
Disposable Knife
Cutting Depth (4mm)
For Left and Right Handers
Lanyard Hole
Printable for Promotional Purposes

Main cutting materials:

Wrapping, Stretch, and Shrink
Layers of Foil or Paper
Yarn, Cord
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