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Martor Secumax Salvex sos 538 Safety Cutter

In the event of an accident, it's paramount that you react quickly and calmly. An intuitively operable first-aid cutter with multiple uses can be a lifesaving tool. Use the SECUMAX SALVEX SOS to smash the side-window of a crumpled car. Use the concealed blade to cut through seat belts and other trapping materials, and finally, to quickly open clothing. Being able to help is a great thing!


  • Especially robust

  • Hammer included

  • 4-Cutting Edge Blade

  • For Right And Left Handers

  • Eyelet And Holder

Technical features:

Maximum Safety
Blade Change with Tool
Abrasion Resistant
Very Ergonomic
4- Cutting Edge Blade
Cutting Depth (6mm)
For Left and Right Handers

Main cutting materials:

Safety Belt
Textile, Material
Yarn, Cord
Lanyard Hole
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