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Martor Secumax 150 Safety Cutter

The SECUMAX 150 resolves several issues in one. With its concealed blade, you will never have to worry about injuring yourself or damaging your goods. Thanks to its versatility, you only need the one tool to cut, scrape and split. And with its 24 grams and ergonomic design, the SECUMAX 150 won't weigh you down with fatigue after a day of cutting. In short: it is the cutting tool you have been waiting for.


  • 3-In-1 blade head

  • Concealed blade

  • Clever guide surfaces

  • No blade change

  • Ergonomically shaped

Technical features:

Maximum Safety
Disposable knife
Abrasion Resistant
Very Ergonomic
2- Cutting Edge Blade
Cutting Depth (6mm)
Scrapper Width (21mm)
Tape Splitter
For Right and Left Handers
Lanyard Hole
Printable for Promotional Purposes

Main cutting materials:

Cardboard up to 2 Ply
Wrapping, Stretch,and Shrink Foil
self-Adhesive Label
Bagged Goods
Layers of Foil or Paper
Yarn, Cord
Plastic Strapping Band
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