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Martor Secumax 350 Safety Cutter

The SECUMAX 350 is a combination of versatility, comfort and safety. A maximum degree of safety. Featuring an innovative blade change, this knife is multi-talented. It can be used to cut all standard materials, from film to plastic-strapping, from paper to 2-ply cardboard. It splits adhesive tape easily too. And it is so comfortable to hold that you won't want to put it down.


  • 2-In-1 blade head

  • Concealed blade

  • Spare blade in storage

  • Light and easy

  • Ergonomically shaped

Technical features:

Maximum Safety
Tool-Less Blade Change
Abrasion Resistant
Very Ergonomic
2- Cutting Edge Blade
Cutting Depth (6mm)
Soft Grip
1 Spare Blade in Lnife Body
Tape Splitter
For Left and Right Handers
Lanyard Hole
Printable for Promotional Purposes

Main cutting materials:

Cardboard up to 2 Ply
Wrapping, Stretch, and Shrink
Bagged Goods
Layers of Foil or Paper
Plastic Strapping Band
Yarn, Cord
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