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Martor Secunorm Mizar 125 Safety Cutter

The slimline SECUNORM MIZAR is your gateway into our world of quality squeeze-grip knives. Instead of a slider, a lever is responsible for releasing the blade. Squeeze and cut. Thanks to a relatively large cutting depth, you can use this safety knife to cut all common cutting materials.


  • Ergonomic handle

  • Remarkable durability

  • Suitable for right and left hands

  • Multi-purpose safety lock 3-in-1

  • Blade changing made easy

Technical features:

High Safety
Ceramic Blade Compatible
Tool-Less Blade Change
For Right and Left Handers
Abrasion Resistant
Very Ergonomic
Safety Lock
2- Cutting Edge Blade
Lanyard Hole
Printable for Promotional Purposes
Cutting Depth (15mm)

Main cutting materials:

Cardboard up to 3 Ply
plastic Strapping Band
Wrapping, Stretch and Shrink Foil
Layers of Foil or Paper
Yarn, Cord
Bagged Goods
Textile, Material
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