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Moldex-Full face mask with panoramic lens 9002


Series 9000 full face masks can be combined with various EasyLock® gas and particulate filters, with no need for adapters or special pre-filters. For users, this means a high degree of flexibility and simple storage.


A frameless panoramic lens made from scratchproof, solvent-resistant polycarbonate protects the eyes and provides a large field of vision. An extra large head harness opening and two handy release clasps make it easy to put on and remove.


The anatomically designed face seal ensures a comfortable and secure fit. 


  • Extremely lightweight full face mask, weighs only 360 g

  • Frameless panoramic lens

  • Fulfills the high requirements of class 2

  • Mask body made of soft, TPE material which is gentle on the skin

  • Easy access, easy to remove

  • Easy maintenance and cleaning without tools

  • With EasyLock® filter system: easy handling

  • No additional adapters or parts necessary

  • Tested and certified to EN 136:1998 CL2

  • Also available with EN 148-1 connectors

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