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Moldex Particulate 9030 P3R filter suitable for series 7000 and 9000 masks


EasyLock® particle filters with bayonet connection can be mounted directly onto the 7000 and 9000 Series mask bodies. They can also be combined with EasyLock® gas filters without an adapter and used as a particle pre-filter.


The AirWave® long-life pleated filter gives the particle filters extremely low breathing resistance and a particularly high absorption capacity. Variants with an activated carbon layer offer additional protection against ozone.


  • For protection against Hazardous fine dusts, water and oil based mists/aerosols

  • Filters 99.5% of all particulates including asbestos, bacteria and viruses

  • Easylock bayonet connector

  • Particulate filters can either be connected to gas cartridges or directly with the mask body

  • Pleated filter technology that significantly reduces breathing resistance, improves wearer comfort & reduces fatigue

  • Tested and certified to EN 143:2000 + A1:2006

  • European origin

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