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Moldex Twisters® Trio cord 6451 Reusable earplugs


Twisters® Trio earplugs have a convenient handle that enables them to be quickly and easily inserted into and removed from the ear. A gentle twist of the handle enables precision adjustment of their positioning in the ear, allowing the user to achieve an optimal level of comfort.


The earplugs are made of soft TPE material and feature flexible flanges for a high degree of wearing comfort. They can be washed and reused.


  • Large handle for easy insertion & removal

  • No rolling necessary – plugs stay hygienic clean and can be used more than once

  • Easy in-ear fit adjustment due to unique multi-curved stem

  • Washable and reusable earplugs

  • Made of soft, TPE material which is gentle on the skin

  • Soft and flexible flanges

  • Comes with handy PocketPak storage container

  • SNR 33 dB

  • Tested and certified to EN 352-2:2002

  • European origin

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