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Moldex Waveband® 2K 6800 Banded earplugs 


The anatomical shape of the WaveBand® banded earplugs mimic the shape of the lower jaw. This, in turn, reduces contact with clothing and the transmission of resulting noise to the ear. With soft foam plugs and well balanced contact pressure, the banded earplugs offer a high level of wearing comfort and dependable noise reduction.


The WaveBand®, which is worn under the chin, can be quickly and easily positioned and removed. This is particularly useful when exposed to fluctuating noise levels that require intermittent use of hearing protection.


  • Anatomically designed banded earplugs

  • Worn under the chin to allow freedom of movement without contact sounds

  • Dual material design with grip points

  • Extremely lightweight – only 12 g

  • Band pressure only 1,2 N for high level of comfort

  • Soft, replaceable foam plugs

  • Tested and certified to EN 352-2:2002

  • SNR= 27 dB

  • European origin

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